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The Top 5 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask in an Interview

As a candidate, asking questions at the end of your interview is a must, but you have to make sure they’re the right questions.

Here, we detail the top 5 questions you shouldn’t ask in an interview, and why you should avoid them.

The Questions

  1. What Does the Role Entail?

  2. What Services Do You Offer?

  3. What is the Salary?

  4. Will the Hours be Long?

  5. How Much Holiday Do I Get?

What Does the Role Entail?

This may sound like an obvious question to avoid, but it’s still worth mentioning.

The tasks a successful candidate will be expected to undertake will likely have been detailed in the job description, so make sure you have a clear idea of what the position entails before the interview.

By asking this question, you may give the impression that you’re either not very interested in the role, or you haven’t prepared for the interview.

If you’re unsure about something mentioned in the job description, reference it and ask if they can clarify it for you.

Also, rephrasing the question to “what does a usual day in the role look like?” should clear up any points you’re unclear on, and implies you’re interested in what your working day would look like.

What Services Do You Offer?

Similar to the above question, asking this can make you look ill prepared or uninterested.

In a job where attention to detail is vital, you must make sure you understand a prospective employers’ ethos and what the services they provide, particularly in the care sector where there are a wide range of organisations and facilities.

Researching the organisation should be part of your preparation for an interview, as it will help you tailor your answers and inform your questions.

What is the Salary?

Wages are obviously important, but they will have likely been listed in the job description and asking about them can give the wrong impression.

Working in the care sector can be extremely emotive. You’ll be looking after some of society’s most vulnerable people, so first and foremost, interviewers will want to know about your dedication and passion for the job.

Asking about your wage, at least in the initial stages of an interview process, can give the impression that you’re only concerned with money, rather than the welfare of the people who would be in your care.

Will the Hours be Long?

Particularly in a career where the hours can be long, asking this question can often mean game over.

A benefit of working in care is the range of working hours, but the service users do need 24 hour support, which can mean longer shifts.

As previously mentioned, interviewers will be looking for candidates who understand this and will go above and beyond for the people in their care.

Asking about the working hours will give the impression you lack the dedication and drive for the role, putting you on the back foot.

How Much Holiday Do I Get?

Asking this question can come off as presumptive and give the impression that you’re already thinking of taking time off before even starting the job.

If you already have holiday booked and you’re concerned, many employers will check your availability with you as a matter of procedure, and if it’s a key concern, asking later in the interview process, or indeed when a job offer has been extended, would be better.

Candidates at Care First UK

Looking to take the next step in your care career? Maybe you’re considering a career change altogether and are looking for a way into the care sector?

Let Care First UK help.

With over 30 years’ experience in recruitment, and 14 years in the health care sector, it’s safe to say we know what it takes to work in care.

Looking after the most vulnerable people in our society is a job not to be taken lightly, and the people that choose to do that job are hugely important, which is why we take the time to carefully match both candidate and employer perfectly.

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