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Our Top 5 Tips for Acing Interviews

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

We’ve all been there. You’ve spotted a job you’d be perfect for. You have the experience, the qualifications. You’ve written the perfect CV, including an amazing cover letter. You arrange an interview, it’s finally the big day and…it all goes horribly wrong.

Interviews can be nerve wracking, and we all have those jobs that have slipped away because of a bad interview, but with our top 5 interview tips, you’ll be sure to ace your next one.

1. Be Sure to Prepare

It sounds obvious, but there are more people than you might think who fail at this step.

Preparation can take many forms, but by and large it means doing research into your prospective employer.

The first port of call should be their website, read their “About Us” section if they have one and make a note of the key personnel there if they’re listed.

Next, check their blog or news page (again, if they have one) to find out if there are any recent updates. Items like awards, or new processes or services are good to read up on and drop into an interview, provided it fits in with the conversation.

Doing this will demonstrate that you’re interested in the employer beyond their ability to provide you with a job, and also show that you’re able to take the initiative and think for yourself.

2. Be Specific

Interviewers will often ask questions that are designed to show them how you’ll work in their environment.

When answering them, try to be as specific as you can and give credible examples from your experience.

For example, a question that is often asked is “Can you think of a situation in your working life that was particularly stressful, and how did you respond?”

How you answer this is crucial as it is a chance to demonstrate your working habits and skills.

In this example, your answer should give a brief outline of the example you have in mind, why it was stressful, what you did personally to solve the situation, and the result.

3. Ask your Own Questions

At the end of the interview, you should be afforded the opportunity to ask your own questions, and while it can be a bit daunting, you should take the chance.

When you do, try to relate some of them back to something said earlier in the interview. By doing so, it will demonstrate a few key things;

  • that you were listening,

  • that you are taking the initiative, and

  • that you are interested in the organisation and role past the interview stage.

Aside from this, it will allow you to find out anything about the role that wasn’t mentioned during the interview, like any training courses, or progression opportunities.

4. Be Presentable

Although this seems like another obvious point, the past year and a half has led to an obvious rise in interviews being conducted over video calls.

While this may make things feel slightly more casual, when it comes to an interview, it should be business as usual.

Whether in person or online, remember to dress smartly. If the interview is over Teams or Zoom, try to find a place with a neutral background, remove any distractions and temporarily move children and pets to another room if possible.

5. Be Enthusiastic

Being nervous at a job interview is completely understandable, perhaps even expected, so don’t worry if this shows.

Projecting confidence can be difficult but showing your enthusiasm for the role and your work is an excellent way to counteract this.

As long as you’re able to show your passion for the role, confidence is something that will come as you become more comfortable around your new colleagues if you get offered the role.

Care First UK Candidates

At Care First UK, we have been coaching our candidates to interview success since 2015.

With over 30 years’ experience in recruitment, and 14 in the healthcare sector at a provider level, we know what it takes to work in care and how to help you find your perfect role.

If you’re looking for a specific role, why not contact us today on 01202 854777, or email us as today.

You can also view our list of available jobs here.

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